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Metabolism and occurrence of methanogenic and sulfate-reducing syntrophic acetate oxidizing communities in haloalkaline environments

  • Timmers, Peer; Vavourakis, Charlotte; Kleerebezem, Robbert; Damste, Jaap S.S.; Muyzer, Gerard; Stams, Alfons J.M.; Sorokin, Dimitry Y.; Plugge, Caroline M.
  • Frontiers in Microbiology, 9, 3039, 2018

Publisher: Frontiers Media S.A.


Anaerobic syntrophic acetate oxidation (SAO) is a thermodynamically unfavorable process involving a syntrophic acetate oxidizing bacterium (SAOB) that forms interspecies electron carriers (IECs). These IECs are consumed by syntrophic partners, typically hydrogenotrophic methanogenic archaea or sulfate reducing bacteria. In this work, the metabolism and occurrence of SAOB at extremely haloalkaline conditions were investigated, using highly enriched methanogenic (M-SAO) and sulfate-reducing (S-SAO) cultures from south-eastern Siberian hypersaline soda lakes. Activity tests with the M-SAO and S-S ...

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