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Strategies for the synthesis of fluorinated polyesters

  • RSC Advances, 9, 1799-1806, 2019

Publisher: The Royal Society of Chemistry


In this work we synthetized three fluorinated polyesters from dimethyl tetrafluorosuccinate (DMTFS), dimethyl hexafluoroglutarate (DMHFG), and dimethyl octafluoroadipate (DMOFA) and ethylene glycol. The influence of parameters like monomer's size, temperature, vacuum, ultrasound and catalyst, on the polyesters synthesis was evaluated. The conversion rates were assessed considering 1H NMR data and the results disclose the role of ultrasound (US) as crucial to attain high reaction conversion rates (z20% of increase relatively to the reactions performed in absence of US). The effect of US was mor ...

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