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Single-cell transcriptomics of regulatory T cells reveals trajectories of tissue adaptation

  • Miragaia, Ricardo J.; Gomes, Tomás; Chomka, Agnieszka; Jardine, Laura; Riedel, Angela; Hegazy, Ahmed N.; Whibley, Natasha; Tucci, Andrea; Chen, Xi; Lindeman, Ida; Emerton, Guy; Krausgruber, Thomas; Shields, Jacqueline; Haniffa, Muzlifah; Powrie, Fiona; Teichmann, Sarah A.
  • Immunity, 50(2), 493-507, 2019

Publisher: Elsevier


Non-lymphoid tissues (NLTs) harbor a pool of adaptive immune cells with largely unexplored phenotype and development. We used single-cell RNA-seq to characterize 35,000 CD4+ regulatory (Treg) and memory (Tmem) T cells in mouse skin and colon, their respective draining lymph nodes (LNs) and spleen. In these tissues, we identified Treg cell subpopulations with distinct degrees of NLT phenotype. Subpopulation pseudotime ordering and gene kinetics were consistent in recruitment to skin and colon, yet the initial NLT-priming in LNs and the final stages of NLT functional adaptation reflected tissue- ...

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