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PTS micelles for the delivery of hydrophobic methotrexate

  • International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 566, 282-290, 2019

Publisher: Elsevier


Polyoxyethanyl-α-tocopheryl sebacate (PTS) is an amphiphilic compound with self-emulsifying properties known to form micelles. In this work, we report the production of PTS micelles for the encapsulation and delivery of a hydrophobic derivative of methotrexate, MTX di-ethylated (MTX-OEt). We optimized the micelles production by testing two different techniques: auxiliary solvent and sonication. Small and homogeneous micelles (≈ 40 nm) were obtained through the auxiliary solvent method performed at 30 °C and using 15 mg/mL of PTS. The produced micelles with the most promising physicochemical pr ...

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