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Stable microfluidized bacterial cellulose suspension

  • Andrade, Fabia K.; Morais, João Paulo S.; Muniz, Celli R.; Nascimento, José Heriberto O.; Vieira, Rodrigo S.; Gama, Miguel; Rosa, Morsyleide F.
  • Cellulose, 26(10), 5851-5864, 2019

Publisher: Blackie Academic & Professional


In this work, nanofibrillated suspensions of bacterial cellulose (BC) were produced via microfluidization. The effects of the size of the openings of the microfluidizer chamber and ultrasonication on the nanofibril properties were evaluated. The results of the X-ray diffraction analysis indicated a considerable reduction in BC crystallinity (86–65%) and crystallite size (5.8–4.0 nm) after microfluidization and ultrasonication. Thermal analysis showed a remarkable reduction from 337 to 283 °C in the initial temperature of degradation along the several steps of BC deconstruction. Moreover, infra ...

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