MSc Dissertations

In silico investigation of drugs for the treatment of dengue fever disease

  • Soares, Daniel Carpinteiro [Supervisors: Pereira, Luísa Maria de Sousa Mesquita; Rocha, Miguel]
  • Mestrado em Bioinformática, 2019


The availability of omics data, being transcriptomics, proteomics or pathogen-host interactomics, is being explored for in silico testing of drugs. This a priori testing gives useful insights, avoiding wasting of time and money in the functional evaluation of a high amount of drugs. In this work, we applied such a strategy to the dengue fever disease, which is caused by a virus transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. Published omics in dengue patient samples are available for total blood or specific blood cells, but no information was obtained for other tissues, which display symptoms in dengue d ...

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