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A fluorescence-LC method with NDA pre-column derivatization for fumonisin B2 determination in black Aspergilli cultures

  • Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies, 34(15), 1594-1603, 2011

Publisher: Marcel Dekker Inc.


The recent discovery that Aspergillus niger can produce fumonisins raises a new mycotoxigenic risk that requires additional studies to assess the impact on agricultural commodities. Here, we report the development and validation of a sensitive LC fluorescence method for the identification of fumonisin B2 in black aspergilli cultures. The performances of naphthalene-2,3-dicarboxaldehyde (NDA), o phthaldialdehyde (OPA) and 9 fluorenylmethyl chloroformate (FMOC) for the pre-column derivatization of samples were evaluated and compared. The best methodology included the following elements: NDA was ...

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