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  • Vilaça, Natália; Totovao, Ricardo; Prasetyanto, Eko Adi; Miranda-Goncalves, Vera; Morais-Santos, Filipa; Fernandes, Rui; Figueiredo, Francisco; Banobre-Lopez, Manuel; Fonseca, António M.; De Cola, Luisa; Baltazar, Fatima; Neves, Isabel C.
Internalization studies on zeolite nanoparticles using human cells
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 6(3), 469-476, 2018
Metaheuristics for strain optimization using transcriptional information enriched metabolic models
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6023, 205-216, 2010
A study on the robustness of strain optimization algorithms
  • Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 93, 329-336, 2011
Visualization Plugin for Optflux: tools for the creation of metabolic layouts and analysis of flux distributions
  • COBRA 2014 - 3rd Conference on Constraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis. Charlottesville, VA, USA, May 20-23, 2014
A computational tool for the simulation and optimization of microbial strains accounting integrated metabolic/regulatory information
  • BioSystems, 103(3), 435-441, 2011
A software tool for metabolic engineering tasks using integrated metabolic/regulatory models
  • International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics - 6th Annual Meeting. Cambridge, UK, 22nd-24th March, 331-331, 2010
In silico metabolic engineering tool for simulation and optimization of microbial strains accounting integrated metabolic/regulatory information
  • Bioinformatics Open Days 2012. Braga, Portugal, 1-2 March, 47, 2012
Analysis of 140 published GSMs and identification of the most common representation problems
  • MPA2015 - Metabolic Pathway Analysis: Programme and Abstracts. No. MPA_42, Braga, Portugal, June 8-12, 37, 2015
A study on the effects of using gene-reaction rules on in silico strain optimization
  • JB'2009 - Jornadas de Bioinformática: Challenges in Bioinformatics. Lisboa, Portugal, 3 Nov, 175, 2009
Analyzing and designing cell factories with Optflux
  • In Marco Fondi. Metabolic Network Reconstruction and Modeling: Methods and Protocols, Vol. Methods in Molecular Biology 1716, Springer, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-4939-7528-0, 37-76
Early leaf removal impact on volatile composition of Tempranillo wines
  • Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 92(4), 935-942, 2012
Changes in free and bound fractions of aroma compounds of four Vitis vinifera cultivars at the last ripening stages
  • Phytochemistry, 74, 196-205, 2012
Evolución de la composición terpénica durante la maduración de variedades de vid cultivadas en Betanzos (Galicia)
  • X Congresso Nacional de Investigación Enológica. Ourense, Espanha, 3-5 Junio, 19-22, 2009
Volatile composition of wines from cvs. Blanco lexítimo, Agudelo and Serradelo (Vitis vinifera) grown in Betanzos (NW Spain)
  • Journal of the Institute of Brewing, 115(1), 35-40, 2009
Determinación de metabolitos secundarios libres y glicosilados de variedades cultivadas en la D.O. Valdeorras (Galicia)
  • VII International Wine Forum. Logroño, La Rioja, Spain, May 12-14, 82, 2010
Determination of odorants in varietal wines from international grape cultivars (Vitis vinifera) grown in NW Spain
  • South African Journal of Enology and Viticulture, 34(2), 212-222, 2013
Composition of wines from international cultivars grown in Atlantic climate (Galicia, NW Spain)
  • 16th International GiESCO Symposium. University of California, Davis, USA, July 12-15, 543-546, 2009
Correlation between instrumental and sensory analysis for the characterization of Vitis vinifera wines
  • VIth Symposium in Vino Analytica Scientia. Angers, France, 2-4 July, 2009
Correlation between volatile composition and sensory properties in Spanish Albariño wines
  • Microchemical Journal, 95(2), 240-246, 2010
First study on volatile composition of three Vitis vinifera cultivars from Betanzos (NW Spain): blanco lexítimo, agudelo and serradelo
  • XXXI World Congress of Vine and Wine. No. PI37, Verone, Italy, 15-20 June, 1-7, 2008
Application of gas chromatography on the evaluation of grape and wine aroma in atlantic viticulture (NW iberian peninsula)
  • In Bekir Salih and Omur Celikbicak. Gas Chromatography in Plant Science, Wine Technology, Toxicology and some Specific Applications, No. Chap. 7, InTech, 2012. ISBN: 978-953-51-0127-7, 109-146
  • Vilanova, M.; Teixeira, L.; Caramalho, I.; Torrado, E.; Marques, A.; Madureira, P.; Ribeiro, A.; Ferreira, P.; Gama, F.M.; Demengeot, J.
Protection against systemic candidiasis in mice immunized with secreted aspartic proteinase 2
  • Immunology, 111(3), 334-342, 2004
Effect of Vertical Shoot-Positioned, Scott-Henry, Geneva Double-Curtain, Arch-cane, and Parral Training Systems on the Volatile Composition of Albariño Wines
  • Molecules, 22(9), 1500, 2017
El potencial aromático de las variedades de vid cultivadas en Galicia
  • In Mar Vilanova de la Torre. El potencial aromático de las variedades de vid cultivadas en Galicia, Santiago de Compostela: Xunta de Galicia – Consellería del Medio Rural, 2017. 46-89
  • Vilanova, Mar; Oliveira, José Maria; Rivas, Ricardo; Alonso, Juan Carlos; Martínez-Zapater, José Miguel; Ibáñez, Javier; Cacho, Juan
El potencial aromático de las variedades de vid cultivadas en Galicia
  • Santiago de Compostela: Xunta de Galicia - Consellería del Medio Rural, 2017.
  • Vilanova-Neta, Jaci Lima; Lédo, Ana da Silva; Lima, Aloisio André Bonfim; Santana, José Carlos Curvelo; Leite, Nadjma Souza; Ruzene, D.S.; Silva, D.P.; Souza, Roberto Rodrigues de
Bromelain enzyme from pineapple: in vitro activity study under different micropropagation conditions
  • Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 168(2), 234-246, 2012
  • Vilarinho, S.; Ferreira, R.M.; Guimarães, N.M.; Gomes, B.; Xiaogang, W.; Oliveira, F.; Freitas, D.; Rodrigues, B.; Atraca, E.; Pereira, G.; Marçal, N.; Carneiro, F.; Marques, A.; Godinho, T.; Figueiredo, C.
H. pylori colonization of the adenotonsillar tissue: Fact or fiction?
  • Helicobacter, 14(4), 364-365, 2009
Helicobacter pylori colonization of the adenotonsillar tissue: Fact or fiction?
  • International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 74(7), 807-811, 2010
Antibiotic and phage combinations for Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm control
  • Workshop/Programme and Abstracts Novel antimicrobial agents and strategies for pathogen control. Novi Sad, Serbia, 25-26 July, 26-26, 2014. ISBN: 978–86–7031–330–9
Techniques to assess phage-biofilm interaction
  • In Martha R. J. Clokie, Andrew Kropinski, Rob Lavigne. Bacteriophages: Methods and Protocols, Volume IV, Vol. Methods in Molecular Biology 1898, Springer New York, 2019. ISBN: 978-1-4939-8940-9, 137-146
Discrimination of bacteriophage infected cells using locked nucleic acid fluorescent in situ hybridization (LNA-FISH)
  • BIOFOULING, 32(2), 179-190, 2016
Microscopy techniques for the study of biofilm
  • In M.O. Pereira, M. Henriques, N. Cerca, J. Azeredo. Clinical Biofilms – Current Concepts and Advanced Techniques, Braga (Portugal): Universidade do Minho – DEB, 2014. ISBN: 978-989-97478-4-5, 153-172
  • Villani, Alessandra; Moretti, Antonio; De Saeger, Sarah; Han, Zheng; Di Mavungu, Jose Diana; Soares, Célia; Proctor, Robert H.; Venâncio, Armando; Lima, Nelson; Stea, Gaetano; Paciolla, Costantino; Logrieco, Antonio F.; Susca, Antonia
A polyphasic approach for characterization of a collection of cereal isolates of the Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex
  • International Journal of Food Microbiology, 234, 24-35, 2016
What is the relationship between intracellular and extracellular metabolites? The theory of "metabolic overflow" put into test
  • New Biotechnology, 31(Supplement), S28-S29, 2014
  • Villas-Bôas, S.G.; Duportet, X.; Carneiro, S.; Aggio, R.B.M.
The biological interpretation of metabolomic data can be misled by the extraction method used
  • 7th International Conference of the Metabolomics Society. Cairns, Australia, June 27-30, 154-154, 2011
Identifiability of large nonlinear biochemical networks
PREMER: Parallel reverse engineering of biological networks with information theory
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9859 (Computational Methods in Systems Biology), 323-329, 2016
Metabolic engineering with multi-objective optimization of kinetic models
  • Journal of Biotechnology, 222, 1-8, 2016
  • Visser, M.; Parshina, S.N.; Alves, J.I.; Sousa, D.Z.; Pereira, I.A.; Muyzer, G.; Kuever, J.; Lebedinsky, A.V.; Koehorst, J.J.; Worm, P.; Plugge, C.M.; Schaap, P.J.; Goodwin, L.A.; Lapidus, A.; Kyrpides, N.C.; Detter, J.C.; Woyke, T.; Chain, P.; Davenport, K.W.; Spring, S.; Rohde, M.; Kleuk, H.P.; Stams, A.J.M.
Genome analyses of the carboxydotrophic sulfate-reducers Desulfotomaculum nigrificans and Desulfotomaculum carboxydivorans and reclassification of Desulfotomaculum caboxydivorans as a later synonym of Desulfotomaculum nigrificans
  • Standards in Genomic Sciences, 9(3), 655-675, 2014
  • Visser, M.; Worm, P.; Muyzer, G.; Pereira, I.A.C.; Schaap, P.J.; Plugge, C.M.; Kuever, I.; Parshina, S.N.; Nazina, T.N.; Ivanova, A.E.; Bernier-Latmani, R.; Goodwin, L.A.; Kyrpides, N.C.; Woyke, T.; Chain, P.; Davenport, K.W.; Spring, S.; Klenk, H.-P.; Stams, A.J.M.
Genome analysis of Desulfotomaculum kuznetsovii strain 17T reveals a physiological similarity with Pelotomaculum thermopropionicum SIT
  • Standards in Genomic Sciences, 8(1), 69-87, 2013
  • Visser, Michael; Pieterse, Mervin M.; Pinkse, Martijn W. H.; Nijsse, Bart; Verhaert, Peter D. E. M.; de Vos, Willem M.; Schaap, Peter J.; Stams, Alfons J.M.
Unravelling the one-carbon metabolism of the acetogen Sporomusa strain An4 by genome and proteome analysis
  • Environmental Microbiology, 18(9), 2843-2855, 2016
Phylogenetic comparison of Desulfotomaculum species of subgroup 1a and description of Desulfotomaculum reducens sp. nov.
  • International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 66(2), 762-767, 2016
Effect of addition of an ammonium source in UASB and EGSB reactors when treating low concentrated wastewater: granules morphology
  • VIII Latin American Workshop and Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion. Mérida, Mexico, 22-25 Oct, 1-4, 2005
On the routines of wild-type silk fibroin processing toward silk-inspired materials: a review
  • Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 300(12), 1199-1216, 2015
Enzymatic phosphorylation of silk fibroins: a platform for the production of biocompatible, cell-static, materials
  • IPFB2014 - 8th International Conference on Polymer and Fiber Biotechnology. Braga, Portugal, May 25-27, 2014
Phosphorylation of silk fibroins improves the cytocompatibility of silk fibroin derived materials: A platform for the production of tuneable material
  • Biotechnology Journal, 9(10), 1267-1278, 2014
Enzymatic phosphorylation of hair keratin enhances fast adsorption of cationic moieties
  • International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 85, 476-486, 2016
In vitro phosphorylation as tool for modification of silk and keratin fibrous materials
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 100(10), 4337-4345, 2016
Phosphorylated silk fibroin matrix for methotrexate release
  • Molecular Pharmaceutics, 12(1), 75-86, 2015
Isothermal calorimetry for biological applications in food science and technology
  • Food Control, 20(10), 956-961, 2009