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Company Name: Inception - Life Sciences Research and Development, Lda

Description: Finding tumors at early stages is one of the most challenging approaches to increase the number of successful cancer treatments. So far, there is still no commercial available marker that can make a change in the early stage diagnosis or providing relevant information that will modify the therapeutic prescription. Moreover, today’s diagnosis exams are being reduced since the cost associated and the critical information that they provide to the physician are not sufficient to alter the therapy flowchart. Inception believes to be the solution that will revolutionize the diagnosis of early stage cancers. Our belief is that in 2016 we will be marketing a product that will change the paradigm of cancer, from treatment-based approaches towards the early diagnosis. As a motivation, nothing is more important than a human life.

Business areas: Molecular Diagnosis; Cancer Research; Discovery of Cancer Biomarkers; Drug design and Drug-delivery.

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