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Company Name: Fermentum, Engenharia das Fermentações Lda.

Description: Fermentum, Engenharia das Fermentações Lda is an academic start-up/spin-off launched in 2011, that dedicates its work in the agro food and biotechnological field. The company has an highly skilled technical framework, working towards innovative solutions mainly on fermentation technology, currently producing craft beer and commercializing it by the brand name "Letra - Cerveja Artesanal Minhota".

Business areas: NA

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  • Recognized by the award of Best Agro-industrial Start-up of the year 2013 by the Ministry of Agriculture of Portugal.


Website: http://www.cervejaletra.pt

Email: geral@fermentum.pt

Phone: +351939348069

Fax: +351939348066