Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures

CEB, through MIRRI / Micoteca of the University of Minho, is a partner in the EMMRI European Master's Degree in Management of Research Infrastructures developed under the H2020 RItain project.

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In this project, besides Nelson Lima, Russell Paterson and Carla Santos as coordinating team MIRRI / Micoteca of the University of Minho, Nelson Lima, Licínio Lima (School of Education) José Keating (School of Psychology) and Artur Rodrigues da (School of Economics and Management) also participate as visiting professors. The University of Minho was represented on 14 and 15 p.p., at the University of Milan-Bicocca, to close this important output of the project (1st course) that is already considered at European level a case of success. The search for European researchers with management responsibilities has allowed the 2nd edition to be already in operation (with tuition of 15,000 € for the full course or 400 € for each ECTS that each module of the course program assigns). By the proven demand, the 3rd edition is already assured.
The training of a new professional profile of managers for European research infrastructures has been enhanced by the new opportunities and models that this project has been developing to deepen the role of Education and Training in Europe and that the MIRRI / Micoteca of the University of Minho, at the proper time, to develop and the Institutes / Schools of the UM knew how to correspond. The Diploma was awarded by the University of Milan-Bicocca.

For a more general view see the video at - https://youtu.be/r-xwjbfLO1w