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Hydraulic lime mortars with antifungal properties

  • Jerónimo, Alexandre; Camões, Aires; Aguiar, Barroso; Lima, Nelson
  • Applied Surface Science, 483, 1192-1198, 2019

Publisher: Elsevier


The use of lime-based coatings came into disuse with the appearance of cement, a stronger and easier to apply binder. However, cement mortars have proven to be rigid to replace lime mortars. In rehabilitation the use of lime-based mortars has been more frequent. With the increase of this type of works it is expected to increase the application of this type of coatings. Fungi develop on the surface, inside pores and cracks of walls and ceilings and they play a very important role in the degradation of the quality of the buildings and their interior environment. Inside the buildings, the growth ...

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