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Full valorization of marine resources: potential, technological innovation and new applications
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Nacional / Public
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Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico (SI I&DT) | Programas Mobilizadores (Aviso 10/SI/2016)
  • CEB: 51 064,00
  • Total: 5 475 708,00
SONAE Center Serviços II, SA; UMinho, A2O - Água, Ambiente e Organização, Lda; ALGAPLUS Lda; Piscicultura do Vale da Lama Lda.; CCMAR-UA; CIIMAR-UP; Cimentos Maceira e Pataias SA; A Poveira SA; Castro, Pinto e Costa, Lda; CVR; Foodintech Lda; Fourmag Lda; Hidromod Lda; Necton SA; Riasearch Lda; Sparos Lda; Sorgal SA; SPI SA; UCP; IPVC; UA; IBET; IPMA; INEGI; IPLeiria; Fórum Oceano; UP; DocaPesca SA; Bivalvia Lda
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Based on a concept of valorization of natural resources and the promotion of a circular economy, the activities to be developed aim to integrate green fractionation technologies applied to selected biomass (microalgae, macroalgae, crustaceans and bivalves) for the isolation of extracts for use in a wide range of applications, including formulations for functional foods or in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Laboratory extraction of compounds of interest using liquid water under sub-critical conditions and heating by electric fields The extraction conditions (matrix / solvent ratio, temperature and pressure or electric field strength) of compounds of interest from the multiple arrays using the different technologies will be optimized in terms of throughput, composition and functionality. Extraction assays with enzymatic digestion will also be carried out. The type of enzyme, the temperature and pH of the enzymatic treatment and the enzyme: substrate: solvent ratio will be tested. the integration of the enzymatic extraction with other techniques will also be evaluated.