Research at Group BioMark

BioMark enrols a multidisciplinary team of 9 PhDs, 12 PhD students and 8 other researchers, using technical areas within Nanoparticles, Nanochemistry, Nanomechanics and Nanotechnology of Biomaterials.

The overall scientific activity focuses on the following areas:

  • Design of highly selective materials for biomolecules of general interest to our society by means of molecularly-imprinting techniques (plastic antibodies);
  • Integration of synthetic receptors or other natural receptors into a nano-structured receptor (targeted delivery or biosensors);
  • Transducing analyte interaction within a biosensing platform by optical or electrical readings;
  • Carrying out the procedures in steady-state or in flowing media, including microfluidic devices.

Devices and materials developed or under development include:

  • Photovoltaic Cells and Fuel Cells
  • Smart Nanomaterials
    • Biomimetics applied in biomedicine and (bio)sensors
    • Selective sensory surfaces applied in (bio)sensors
    • Actuators sensitive to physical stimuli
  • New hybrid devices of sensory capacity

These devices and materials are applied to monitor biological, pharmaceutical, food and environmental samples. Most of the targeted analytes are of organic nature (drugs, proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids,...).