Isabel Rocha receives Dupont European University Support Program Award

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The multi-national chemicals and health care company DuPont has awarded a grant of 21,000 Euros to Isabel Rocha, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological Engineering of the University of Minho. The DuPont grant is awarded through the company's European University Support Program as assistance and recognition to excellent university teachers to help them educate postgraduate students and young scientists, and to further their fundamental research. The grant program provides assistance to the most promising young and untenured research faculty working in areas of interest to DuPont.

Rocha's research is devoted to the development of a user-friendly software platform for the rational design of improved microbial strains. The purpose is to design a user-friendly software tool to help industrial users to plan, validate and visualize metabolic engineering strategies for improving the production capabilities of selected microbial strains for target compounds.

Isabel Rocha received her bachelor's degree in Biological Engineering in 1997 from the Universidade do Minho. In 2003, she earned a doctoral degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering also from the Universidade do Minho.  She joined UMinho's Department of Biological Engineering in 2003.