Ana Cláudia Pereira

PhD Student

  • Since 2016: Development of a colorimetric multiplex biosensor for detection of cancer biomarkers


Recent Publications

Oxidative stress in pregnancy and fertility pathologies
  • Cell Biology and Toxicology, 30(5), 301-312, 2014
Oxidative stress induced by tert-butylhydroperoxide interferes with the placental transport of glucose: in vitro studies with BeWo cells
  • European Journal of Pharmacology, 720(1), 218-226, 2013
  • Araújo, João Ricardo; Correia-Branco, Ana; Pereira, Ana Cláudia; Maria João Pinho; Elisa Keating; Fátima Martel
Oxidative stress decreases uptake of neutral amino acids in a human placental cell line (BeWo cells)
  • Reproductive Toxicology, 40, 76-81, 2013
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