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Biomass and Bioenergy Research Infrastructure
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Nacional / Public
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Projetos de Desenvolvimento e Implementação de Infraestruturas de Investigação inseridas no RNIE (01/SAICT/2016)
  • CEB: 274 210,00
  • Total: 1 238 862,00
LNEG, UMinho
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BBRI is a novel and a key research infrastructure (RI) on Biomass & Bioenergy, integrating the Portuguese Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance, integrating two clusters, one in Lisbon and another in Braga: the Lisbon cluster is based on the existing laboratory and pilot infrastructures of Bioenergy Unit at LNEG, and the Braga cluster is based on part of the laboratory and technological infrastructures of the Biological Engineering Centre at the University of Minho (UM). Both BBRI clusters have their activities focused on biomass - biochemical and thermochemical conversions - to obtain biofuels, chemicals and biomaterials. BBRI will act as the interface between knowledge and applications in support of a bio-based economy, aiming at promoting the following actions: i) R&D activities, for generating more knowledge ii) Education, for improving the scientific and technological skills of human resources iii) Dissemination of the results throughout teaching, publications, open access databases, and free software.


Sistema de Apoio à Investigação Cientifica e Tecnológica - Projetos de Infraestruturas de Investigação Inseridas no Roteiro Nacional de Infraestruturas de Investigação de Interesse Estratégico