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Simultaneous partial nitrification and 2-fluorophenol biodegradation with aerobic granular biomass: reactor performance and microbial communities

  • Bioresource Technology, 238, 232-240, 2017

Publisher: Elsevier


An aerobic granular bioreactor was operated for over 4 months, treating a synthetic wastewater with a high ammonium content (100 mg L-1). The inoculum was collected from a bioreactor performing simultaneous partial nitrification and aromatic compounds biodegradation. From day-56 onwards, 2-fluorophenol (2-FP) (12.4 mg L-1) was added to the feeding wastewater and the system was bioaugmented with a 2-FP degrading bacteria (Rhodococcus sp. FP1). By the end of operation, complete 2-FP biodegradation and partial nitrification were simultaneously achieved. Aerobic granules remained stable over time. ...

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