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Single-cell RNA-sequencing resolves self-antigen expression during mTEC development

  • Miragaia, Ricardo J.; Zhang, X.; Gomes, Tomás; Svensson, V.; Ilicic, T.; Henriksson, J.; Kar, G.; Lönnberg, T.
  • Scientific Reports, 8(685), 2018

Publisher: Nature Group


The crucial capability of T cells for discrimination between self and non-self peptides is based on negative selection of developing thymocytes by medullary thymic epithelial cells (mTECs). The mTECs purge autoreactive T cells by expression of cell-type specific genes referred to as tissue-restricted antigens (TRAs). Although the autoimmune regulator (AIRE) protein is known to promote the expression of a subset of TRAs, its mechanism of action is still not fully understood. The expression of TRAs that are not under the control of AIRE also needs further characterization. Furthermore, expressio ...

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