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The evolving role of information technology in haemovigilance systems

  • Ramoa, Augusto; Condeço, Jorge; Escoval, Maria Antónia; Faber, Jean-Claude; Fdez-Riverola, Florentino; Lourenço, Anália
  • Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 2018(6183468), 2018

Publisher: Hindawi


This work provides an overview and appraisal of the general evolution of IS/IT in haemovigilance, from which lessons can be learned for its future strategic management. An electronic survey was conducted among the members of the International Haemovigilance Network to compile information on the mechanisms implemented to gather, process, validate, and store these data, to monitor haemovigilance activity, and to produce analytical reports. Survey responses were analysed by means of descriptive statistics, and comments/observations were considered in the final discussion. The answers received fro ...

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