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Insight into the role of facultative bacteria stimulated by micro-aeration in continuous bioreactors converting LCFA to methane

  • Environmental Science and Technology, 52(11), 6497-6507, 2018

Publisher: American Chemical Society


Conversion of unsaturated long chain fatty acids (LCFA) to methane in continuous bioreactors is not fully understood. Palmitate (C16:0) often accumulates during oleate (C18:1) biodegradation in methanogenic bioreactors, and the reason why this happens and which microorganisms catalyze this reaction remains unknown. Facultative anaerobic bacteria are frequently found in continuous reactors operated at high LCFA loads, but their function is unclear. To get more insight on the role of these bacteria, LCFA conversion was studied under microaerophilic conditions. For that, we compared bioreactors t ...

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