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Dairy products discrimination according to the milk type using an electrochemical multisensor device coupled with chemometric tools

  • Tazi, Imam; Triyana, Kuwat; Siswanta, Dwi; Veloso, Ana C.A.; Peres, António M.; Dias, Luís G.
  • Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization, (In Press), 2018

Publisher: Springer Science + Business Media


This study shows the potential application of a potentiometric electronic tongue coupled with a lab-made DataLogger device for the classification of dairy products according to the type of milk used in their production, i.e., natural, fermented and UHT milk. The electronic tongue device merged a commercial pH electrode and 15 lipid/polymeric membranes, which were obtained by a drop-by-drop technique. The potentiometric signal profiles gathered from the 16 sensors, during the analysis of the 11 dairy products (with ten replicate samples), together with principal component analysis showed that d ...

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