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Functional analysis and antivirulence properties of a new depolymerase from a myovirus that infects Acinetobacter baumannii capsule K45

  • Journal of Virology, 93(4), e01163-18, 2019

Publisher: American Society for Microbiology


Acinetobacter baumannii is an important pathogen causative of healthcare-associated infections and is able to rapidly develop resistance to all known antibiotics including colistin. As an alternative therapeutic agent, we have isolated a novel myovirus (vB_AbM_B9) which specifically infects and makes lysis from without in strains of the K45 and K30 capsule type, respectively. Phage B9 has a genome of 93,641 bp and encodes 167 predicted proteins, of which 29 were identified by mass spectrometry. This phage holds a capsule depolymerase (B9gp69) able to digest extracted exopolysaccharides of both ...

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