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Linking genetic, metabolic, and phenotypic diversity among Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains using multi-omics associations

  • Kang, Kang; Bergdahl, Basti; Machado, Daniel; Dato, Laura; Han, Ting-Li; Li, Jun; Villas-Boas, Silas; Herrgård, Markus J; Förster, Jochen; Panagiotou, Gianni
  • GigaScience, 8(4), giz015, 2019

Publisher: Oxford Academic


The selection of bioengineering platform strains and engineering strategies to improve the stress resistance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae remains a pressing need in bio-based chemical production. Thus, a systematic effort to exploit the genotypic and phenotypic diversity to boost yeast's industrial value is still urgently needed. Here, we analyzed 5400 growth curves obtained from 36 S. cerevisiae strains and comprehensively profiled their resistances against 13 industrially relevant stresses. We observed that bioethanol and brewing strains exhibit higher resistance against acidic conditions, ho ...

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