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Assessing Serra da Estrela PDO cheeses' origin-production date using fatty acids profiles

  • Reis Lima, M. J.; Bahri, Hamdi; Sá Morais, Jorge; Veloso, Ana C.A.; Fontes, Luísa; Lemos, Edite T.; Peres, António M.
  • Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization, (In Press), 2019

Publisher: Springer Science + Business Media


Serra da Estrela is a Portuguese traditional cheese produced with raw ewe’s milk from “Churra Mondegueira” and “Bordaleira” autochthonous breeds and the wild thistle flower (Cynara cardunculus L.), which benefits from the status of Protected Designation of Origin. Cheese chemical composition, namely the fatty acids profile, depends on milk composition and on manufacturing practices. Thus, the identification of possible chemical biomarkers capable of classifying Serra da Estrela cheeses according to the dairy manufacturing plant, geographical origin or production date would be of utmost relevan ...

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