22-05-2019: iWATERMAP stakeholders meeting

01-04-2016: Decease of Leonardus Kluskens

29-01-2016: "Carbon Material" project highlighted in the Media

15-04-2015: Bioremediation of oil-contaminated environments: Call for abstracts for posters

22-10-2014: Ana Júlia Cavaleiro awarded by NASA

21-10-2014: Ana Cavaleiro invited by NASA

21-10-2014: Hottest Article in Chemical Engineering (WILEY)

09-10-2014: Madalena Alves invited speaker at TCA workshop "Beyond Biogas"

26-08-2014: UMinho is producing electricity from human urine

26-10-2013: NASA awarded Angela Abreu with Best Oral Presentation at the International Workshop on Environment and Alternative Energy

30-04-2013: Paper published in SCIENCE

05-12-2012: CEB’s researcher awarded with an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council

11-06-2012: CEB celebrates 1000 ISI papers

14-09-2009: Madalena Alves distinguished with Doctor Honoris Causa by Universitatea Tehnica "Gh. Asachi" Iasi, Romania

23-09-2007: BRIDGE Researchers awarded at 11th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion

12-07-2007: Teresa Tavares (DEB) e Isabel Neves (DQ) vencem ex-aequo o Prémio Nacional de Inovação Ambiental 2007

01-12-2006: Two new species discovered by CEB researchers

07-06-2006: Madalena Alves e colaboradores vencem Prémio Nacional de Inovação Ambiental 2006

05-12-2005: Projeto do CEB na área das Energias Renováveis entre os vencedores da 1ª edição do Concurso Nacional de Inovação BES [pt]

25-11-2004: Manuel Mota contemplado pela FCT com o “Estímulo à Excelência”

02-09-2004: Lettinga Award 2004 attributed to Madalena Alves