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Inulin potential for encapsulation and controlled delivery of Oregano essential oil

  • Food Hydrocolloids, 33(2), 199-206, 2013

Publisher: Elsevier


The ability of inulin, a prebiotic material, as encapsulation matrix was explored. Microcapsules of Raftiline were produced by spray drying inulin solutions at different solids content (5, 15 and 25%) at 120, 155 and 190 °C, according to a Central Composite Rotatable design. Produced capsules were analysed for morphology and size by SEM and physiochemical characterized by DSC, IR and RAMAN. Oregano essential oil was incorporated in the inulin solutions at 15% solids basis and the emulsions dried at the same conditions. The above mentioned methodologies were applied to evaluate the encapsulatio ...

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