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Lignocellulosic materials: sources and processing technologies

  • In Lignocellulosic Materials and Their Use in Bio-based Packaging, Springer International Publishing, 2018. ISBN: 978-3-319-92940-8, 13-33

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Lignocellulosic materials (LCMs) are one of the most promising feedstock for several biotechnological purposes. However, these LCMs are highly complex and present a robust structure of difficult access. For the valorization of each fraction of LCMs, a pre-treatment step is necessary in order to alter and/or remove the surrounding matrix of lignin and hemicellulose and increase the cellulose accessibility. Each pre-treatment has a specific effect on the LCM components and generally more than one pre-treatment step is necessary to obtain the fractions. This chapter primarily covers the definitio ...

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