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Incorporation of curcumin-loaded lactoferrin nanohydrogels into a model gelatine: release kinetics and characterization

  • DOF 2019 - 8th International Symposium on "Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems" (Book of Abstracts). No. PO101-24916, Porto, Portugal, July 7th - 10th, 105-106, 2019. ISBN: 978-989-20-9533-2


The design and development of whey protein nanostructures as encapsulating agents for nutraceutical’s controlled release has been intensively studied towards the production of functional foods. However, the interactions of these structures with food matrices are not well understood at the nanoscale and therefore they must be addressed. In this study, a curcumin- loaded lactoferrin (LF) nanohydrogel was developed aiming at its behaviour evaluation when incorporated into a model food matrix (gelatine). The release kinetics of curcumin from LF nanohydrogels added to food simulants (hydrophilic me ...

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