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Group Coordinator

Scientific Coordination Committee

The FUNCARB - FUNctional andCARBohydrates Nanobiotechnology Group, integrates the Center of Biological Engineering (CEB) of Minho University.

This research group operates in the fields of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering, aiming at developing new biomaterials and tools for biomedical application, based on carbohydrates. The polysaccharides currently used in our group include dextrin, bacterial cellulose, hyaluronic acid, chitosan and mannan. These polysaccharides are being produced, characterized, modified, shaped and used to build structures organized at the molecular level.

Dextrin hydrogels, self-assembled nanogels and bacterial cellulose tubes are examples of biomaterials envisaged for tissue regeneration, drug delivery or artificial vascular prosthesis. More specifically, among the currently ongoing projects, the development of injectable multidimensional hydrogels with improved biocompatibility and resorption properties, a comprehensive structural characterization and improvement of the performance ability as delivery systems of amphiphilic self-assembled nanogels, the development of new bioreactors for bacterial cellulose production and the exploitation of its remarkable properties as a food ingredient or as a sophisticated biomedical material. This group aims at producing knowledge, new biomaterials with new properties and ultimately the development of products for biomedical application.

Being so, the group is divided into 2 sub-groups, each one corresponding to a main scientific domain.
The group research labs are: