• Anaerobe Microbiology Laboratory (LMICA)
  • Applied Microbiology Laboratory (LMA)
  • Biofilms Laboratory (LIBRO)
  • Bioinformatics Laboratory (LBIOINF)
  • Bioprocesses and Bionanotechnology Laboratory (LBBN)
  • Bioprocesses and Biosystems Laboratory (LBB)
  • Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory (LCCT)
  • Chemical Engineering Laboratory (LEQ)
  • Computational Biology Laboratory (LBC)
  • Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory (LBA)
  • Environmental Microbiology Laboratory (LMAmb)
  • Enzimatic Technology and Biomaterials Laboratory (LTEB)
  • Fermentations Laboratory (LF)
  • Food Science and Technology Laboratory (LCTA)
  • Gas Chromatography Laboratory (LCG)
  • Image and Microscopy Platform (PMI)
  • Industry and Processes Laboratory (LIP)
  • Laboratory of Instruments I (LI1)
  • Laboratory of Instruments II (LI2)
  • Laboratory of Instruments III (LI3)
  • Liquid Chromatography Laboratory (LCL)
  • Microbial Cultures Stock Room (SACM)
  • Molecular and Synthetic Biology Platform (PBMS)
  • Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory (LBM)
  • Mycology Laboratory I (LMico1)
  • Mycology Laboratory II (LMico2)


Micoteca of the Universidade do Minho

MUM is a infrastructure dedicated to maintain and provide strains for teaching and research in biotechnology and life sciences, and to act as a centre of expertise, information and training in mycology. More details:

Library of Biological Engineering

European Research Infrastructures

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