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Nanogels - The production of self-assembled nanogels made of polysaccahrides is a promising aproach for the development of delivery systems. Amphiphilic molecules, obtained from polysaccharides - such as dextrin, chitosan or glycol-chitosan, mannan, hyaluronic acid - self-assemble in aqueous medium, originating nanoparticulate material holding hydrophobic cores which may hold, carry and eventually release pharmaceuticals, including biopharmaceuticals. The production and characterization of these materials, the study of the interaction with therapeutic proteins (IL10), antimicrobial peptides and low molecular weight hydrophobic drugs, a comprehensive characterization of biocompatibility, including cytotoxicity, intracellular trafficking, biodistribution, are among the ongoing projects i this field.


NaN3 + 6-deoxyglucose


Hydrogels – the development of injectable hydrogels is a main ongoing project, particularly focused on bone regeneration, in association with granular osteoconductive materials. The conjugation of dextrin hydrogels with bioactive peptides and controlled release systems allows the production of sophisticated materials which are being tested in vivo, addressing current unmet needs in the field, such as the treatment of osteomyelitis and non-unions