Fibre bioprocesses and enzyme technology

Bacterial Celulose (BC) – this is a remarkable material, produced by the strictly aerobic bacteria Gluconoacetobacter xylinum. It is a highly crystalline and pure cellulose, with outstanding mechanical properties, which may be obtained in a pre-defined shape. It absorbs a large amount of water, thus behaving like a highly stable and resistant hydrogel. In our group, we aim at developing applications in various fields, namely the production of biomedical devices, coatings for food products and composites with new properties. The development of bioreactors for the large scale production is a central topic, aiming at the affordable production of BC, allowing its use as a bulk material. Applications in the biomedical field, as a scaffold for tissue engineering, requires the fine tuning of porosity and surface properties, allowing the cell migration and proliferation within the material. The development of artificial vascular prosthesis is one among the currently ongoing projects. A special focus is also made on the development of the use of BC for food technology applications, a spinoff (BCTechnologies) being dedicated to this topic.