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3D printing in the design of pharmaceutical dosage forms

  • Souto, Eliana B.; Campos, J.C.; Filho, S.C.; Teixeira, M.C.; Martins-Gomes, C.; Zielinska, A.; Carbone, C.; Silva, A.M.
  • Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 2019

Publisher: Marcel Dekker Inc.


Three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies are manufacturing approaches with widespread use in industry (e.g. automotive, automobile, pharmaceutical industries). With regard to its use in pharmaceutical industry, 3D printing is demonstrating to be of added value attributed to the possibility of printing tailored pharmaceutical products, namely personalized medical devices, such as implants and other dosage forms. However, with the approval of the first 3D-printed drug-product in 2015, a new perspective has arisen, i.e. the use of this technology to produce solid oral dosage forms exhibiting ...

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